When Business and Life Collide!

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Quick and Simple tools to balance life, business, and everything in between

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Ty Washington is dedicated to helping people from difficult  backgrounds. She is an advocate for domestic violence victims , ex-offenders and anyone who wants to restart their life. Through patience and prayer, she builds concrete and practical relationships with women who are suffering. Ty believes in second chances and has learned their value through personal experience . She is an active volunteer in the Dallas region and gives her time to the Genesis Women’s Shelter and the Celebrate Recovery Program at Hilltop Trusty Prison. Ty is also a trained volunteer at Discipleship Unlimited Ministries where she facilitates ex- offenders’ re-entry into society.

Ty is an eloquent and persuasive speaker on prison reform. She is well-educated in the issues of health and safety, effective cost management and rehabilitation. She analyzes the relationship between sentencing, gender and race and seeks equity for all offenders.

Ty Y. Washington runs her own business, called Flipped Kouture. She can take out-dated clothing and reinvent it into a fashionable garment. She gives women a chance to improve their self-esteem as well as their appearance. Using her 30 years as a fashion designer and seam- stress, along with 15 years teaching sewing, she listens closely to her clients and creates styles that match them perfectly.

Through Flipped Kouture, she founded Helping Hand Sewing School. It’s a non-profit program for those in challenging life situations and who need a focus to build a sense of accomplishment.

Anyone who wants to learn to sew can come to Ty for help. She teaches the art of sew- ing to beginners and to experienced seamstresses as well. While she focuses on basic skills, she emphasizes imaginative design.

Ty Washington brings hope to those who see no way out of their painful and destructive lives. Her faith has brought her a long way from her own challenging past and helping others is her greatest joy.

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When Business and Life Collide! Quick and Simple tools to balance life, business, and everything in between.







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