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Legacy Consulting Firm, INC Help Businesses establish or improve their brand identity, to attract target audience and gain exposure.

Everyday Thousands of Businesses fail due to lack of preparations. We had the opportunity to work with a large amount of businesses from diverse market places such as; eCommerce, Call Centers, Direct Sales, Medical Centers, Cleaning Companies, Beauty Salons, TV Network, Coaching and more. The Common Mistakes that these businesses made is, lack of Strategic planning and Branding. The Great News is you don’t have to follow their footsteps. We have the World’s Greatest Strategic Brand Coach on our Team!

Build the future of your business today. Everything you pour into your business today, will determine the strength of your business tomorrow.

Don’t Build a company, Build a Legacy.

“The Greatest Businesses are the ones that are build w/ passion”.

– Shanie Salmon-Godfrey


The Entrepreneurial Mindset is now available for Purchase. Learn about the 5-Entrepreneurial Mindsets and The B.O.S.S UP Method. Purchase Link

The Entrepreneurial Mindset was written for entrepreneurs of all industries and skillsets. This book will help you to identify the 5-Entrepreneurial mindsets that entrepreneurs must overcome along the entrepreneurial journey. You will learn how to identify the mindsets, with practical tools to overcome them.

After reading this book, you will be passionate and fired up about launching that business. Not only will you learn the 5-entrepreneurial mindsets and how to overcome them, you will also learn how to grow your business and dominate your marketplace using the B.O.S.S. Up Method.




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