The Power of 5

We strengten the 5 areas of a business that makes it sucessful.  To offer our clients the best possible service, we have mastered these categories to take you from start up to pro. With our unique customize integrated business and financial solutions we will do just that.  Every business is at a different level; therefore we will adjust the plan according to our client individual needs.


1.Your accountant / Book Keeping Specialist
              a. Assist in the preparation of tax returns, risk assessments  and other financial transactions. The services of a qualified accountant are vital to your business.
2. Your Attorney/ Legal Protection Plan
              b. Provides legal counsel, and can help you assess your business insurance needs. An attorney is responsible for preparing the necessary paperwork for solving estate planning.
3.Your Insurance Specialist
              c. Provides life insurance products necessary to solve your business continuation, employee retention, and estate planning needs.
4. Your Marketing Specialist
              d. Develop and initiate specialize marketing plans to get your business in front of your customers, the right way.
5. Operations Manager/ Project manager
              e. Develop plans that will keep you on track with your business goals. Help launch and initiate new products, service, and systems.
Are you achieving your financial goals?
What happens if something were to happen to you? That’s a hard topic to dive into. The reality is, the uncertainty happens everyday. The one thing that is certain is uncertainties.
Fix the leaking roof.
Don’t get caught off guard, when things happen? Put a plan in place that will strengthen your financial house. Build a strong foundation. Weather you own a business, works a 9-5, or you just need to revisit your financial structure, we got you covered. Learn the rules to the money game. It’s not too late to start.

Financial Services Solutions

Financial Stages

What We’ll Do?

1. Set financial goals
       a. Wealth protection
       b. Wealth accumulation
       c. Wealth distribution
2. Develop a personal plan to protect against likelihood of:
       a. Dying too soon
       b. Living too long
       c .Becoming sick or hurt
What happen to your business if something happens to you?
1. Strategies for protecting your business
       a. A business Life Insurance
Even if your business is profitable, there are potential risks that could negatively impact your business. A sound plan for protecting your business interest should include:
                    1. Protecting a preserving assets
                    2. Removing or reducing uncertainty
                    3. Providing financial security

Business Solution Services

Services Outline

Set financial goals


Budget Planning


Tax Services

Split Dollar Insurance

Executive Bonus – I.R.C 162

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

Estate planning


Trust Arrangements

 Estate Equalization

  Charitable Gifts



Develop a personal plan to protect against Uncertainty

      Business Continuation
         Key person insurance

         Buy sell agreement
         The Backup Plan

The Implementation Process

Grow your business your way

Every Business is different because everyone is different. Marketing, managing, and developing a business is not a one size fit all process. You are what makes your business unique. Market your business your way. Put yourself into your business, let your personality shines throughout your business.

Gain Exposure That grows your business

Development Stages
1. Find your personality type
               a. Develop a marketing plan based on your personality type.

              b. Customize your marketing tools based on your unique personality.

              c. Put systems in place to manage your business more efficiently.
Project Management & Software Implementation
2. Uninterrupted Productivity While Implementing New Systems.
We have partnered with forward thinking companies that understand the value of uninterrupted productivity, for achieving organization’s objectives. We help corporations control costs while improving the customer experience.
              a. Help implement the right software for your business, without interrupting the work flow.

              b. Align your software with company’s budget.

              c. Launch Support

Branding is a very important part of every business. You can even say it’s the most important part of your business.  Think of it as your first impression, and we know that you only get one chance to make a great first impression. You are your brand. Your brand should reflect what you are all about. You are amazing, and your brand should reflect, how amazing you are.


Legacy Consulting Firm, INC Help Businesses establish or improve their brand identity, to attract target audience and gain exposure.

We help businesses looking to increase exposure and attract new customers.

We asses clients brand reach, exposure, image, customer feedback, metrics, and create a written plan to create or improve brand identity.


Whether you’re looking to engage your customers, build your audience, drive sales, donations, or increase your overall brand awareness, Legacy Consulting Firm has the online marketing expertise to help you succeed.

In addition Legacy Consulting Firm has partnered with Constant Contact—the leader in Small Business Marketing—as part of their Solution Provider Partner Program to help you bring all of your marketing efforts together to grow your business.

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